Nayasawera Paathshala

NAYA SAWERA SANSTHA is a not for profit organization that works with the NAYA SAWERA PAATHSHALA night school students to work on the academics and provide better career opportunities to them. NAYA SAWERA SANSTHA began with informal research on the educational problem of night schools culminated in a action program in 2002. NAYA SAWERA SANSTHA is the first organization in IN RAJASTHAN to run a comprehensive “School Transformation Programme” for night school education.

NAYA SAWERA PAATHSHALA started with 2 night schools in the first year and then gradually increased its spread to 10 schools and 500 students in the year 2016. NAYA SAWERA PAATHSHALA plans to reach out to 5100 night schools by 2020 impacting 20,000 night school students in INDIA.The ‘NAYA SAWERA Night School Transformation Program’ is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the night school and the individual students who are mainly school dropouts from poor socio-economic background, most of them working during the day and supporting their families.
The project followsa Three-pronged Model to achieve its aim:

    1.Educational infrastructure building and support:This component includes providing textbooks, notebooks, workbooks, science mobile laboratory, math-kits, extra-tuition classes and special moderator sessions for students appearing for SSC examination, and nutritional support etc.
    2.Capacity Building support:This component has training workshops for teachers and students, personalized counseling, English conversation classes, field visits, home visits, vocational guidance .
    3.Advocacy:Advocacy is a very important component of the program.

NAYA SAWERA PAATHSHAL will try to get the government to take more responsibility of the night schools.Through various project interventions the project is expected to enhance the teaching and learning environment in night schools, build leadership quality and employability skills among students and facilitate stakeholder participation, ownership of the program and local partnership for improved school based management and sustenance of the Programs NAYA SAWERA PAATHSHALA has developed a grading tool to regularly assess schools on the basis of different parameters. These parameters categories IN NIGHT schools

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