Mission & Vision


Naya Sawera Crime Against Women:

“The semantic meaning of crime against women’ is direct or indirect physical or mental cruelty to women. Various kinds of violence against women are eve-teasing, molestation, bigamy, fraudulent marriage, adultery and enticement of married women abduction and kidnapping, rape, harassment to women at working place, wife beating, dowry death, female child abuse and abuse of elderly female etc”.

“The most effective strategies are likely to be those that support women to organize peer groups and mobilize community resources and public services, including women’s health services. Such approaches enable women to overcome resignation to the legitimacy of the established order are important factor in the perpetuation of imbalances of power between women and men. If women are to implement their reproductive preferences, then it is essential that their empowerment occur not only within their personal spheres, but also in the broader spheres of the community and the state.”


“Naya Sawera Sanstha is inviting expression of interest for grant of funds from Organizations dedicated to women’s cause”.
To create platform around issues of Gender justice, economic empowerment and equal participation in all aspects of life for women for the betterment of society, culture & country.

To develop a local, national and global communications and support network to establish links between government’s policy or schemes & foundation who share Mission for Women’s Welfare’s vision, and to reach women who are socially, culturally and geographically isolated.

“The soul has neither sex, nor caste nor imperfection.”

-Rakesh Mishra & Priyanka Gupta

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