Join Naya Sawera Sanstha India as an Internships at Naya Sawera Sanstha Hands-on experience in the field of child rights & Protection/Women Protection/Environment Protection One of the key driving forces behind Naya Sawera Sanstha’s endeavor is the commitment and passion of people like you. People who belong to every strata of society, who know that they want to make a difference to the lives of children. People who are capable of voicing their opinions and enabling the unheard voices of vulnerable children & Women to reach the volumes at which they can create a change.

The Internship Program at Naya Sawera Sanstha, is an opportunity for such driven individuals to transform their passion into results and become a part of our effort to ensure a lasting change for children across India.Whether you are a student or a working professional, the internship programe enrolls you as not just an intern for a short period of time, but enables you to become a part of every step that we take towards ensuring the rights of children, even after your internship period is completed.

The programe gives you a chance to explore and contribute towards the important aspects of running the organization. You can choose to be a part of activities ranging from public mobilization, research, field exposures and documentation to piloting project ideas, learning the ropes of Human Resources, organizing events or even putting into action your media advocacy skills.

Naya Sawera Sanstha internships give you an opportunity to:

  1. Choose your stream of work based on your skills and interests.
  2. Put into practice and deepen your knowledge on development issues.
  3. Develop a more grounded understanding of child rights issues in the Indian context.
  4. Participate in issue-based advocacy, take up research projects and dabble with the operational aspects of development work.
  5. Strengthen, scale up and build volunteer programs.
  6. Learn how to take action on child rights issues.
  7. Transform yourself into a committed change-maker through our volunteering programs The internship programs do not offer a stipend or salary, however the incidental expenses incurred during the program may be reimbursed based on policy.

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