Can child labour be eliminated in India?

The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, enacted in 1986, prohibits the employment of children in 18 occupations and 65 processes and regulates the working conditions of children in employment where they are not prohibited from working.
She said that there are many industries in India, which lure children by offering them lucrative money.

Where do they work ?

kids are more sensitive to dangerous insect and animal bites, but also to pesticides and accidents (tools, machinery) which happen nearly as often as in the manufacturing sector.

The role of Naya Sawera Sanstha Open School


In this program classes Naya Sawera Sanstha working for child labour education. We providing free education for child labour and  aware for  there future so that working children can attend them after working in the fields. They’re given a small remuneration as well as a snack and most of all this allows the government to keep an eye on these kids via annual health check-ups and other regular medical examinations. The idea is that the little money they receive will compensate for the loss of a few hours’ work at home or in the fields.

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