Director’s Desk


Firstly I want to thank you most sincerely for your incredible generosity in supporting the work of The NAYA SAWERA SANSTHA over the past Sixteen years.

Our NGO in INDIA have been going through a particularly hard time for all the wrong reasons.
Just when we thought we were coming through the recession where individuals,families and companies alike were desperately trying to claw their way out of recession,we have been assailed by a crises of confidence in the entire NGO sector.
People are angry and rightly so having always donated to Charities so generously and those of us who are committed to the highest levels of International best practice in Governance are angry.

At the end of the day the people who will suffer as a result of this fallout are the most vulnerable in our global society– those who need us most: the children, the homeless, the old, the sick, the poor and the most underprivileged.I would like to take this opportunity to give key governance information on The NAYA SAWERA SANSTHA.I do not take a salary, I am not saying that all people in the charity sector should not take a salary this is something that I choose to do.

I feel that people are entitled to a fair salary. We are a fully subscribed member of the NAYA SAWERA SANSTHA. The Wheel and Credibility Alliance, ensuring full transparency, accountability and adherence to good governance and best practice.
These organizations ensure that we are supportedin keeping up to date on all our Policies and Procedures.
Our audited accounts are available on our website using the SORP system as part of the recommended account keeping procedure, A long with our annual reports.

We continue to be committed to keeping our administration costs as a low as possible and we rely on the generosity of a number of pro-bono service providers.

We recognize our responsibility to you the donors, sponsors, our many visitors to India, school students,volunteers and our many fundraisers who have supported NAYA SAWERA SANSTHA so generously over the past years.
Throughout the terrible difficulties of the past years of recession, we have succeeded in honouring all our commitments to the streets and slum dwellers and the children that we had committed to help.
This could not have been done without your wonderful generosity and loyalty of that of our volunteers and our amazing staff in India who give tirelessly of their time.
I thank you almost sincerely and I ask you for your continued support, the children that we help do not have anybody else to call on we are their only lifeline to survival.
Every Blessing and good wishes.

(Honorary Director)

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