Rakesh Mishra
Rakesh Mishra (chief coordinator)
The thirty-year-old young man living in Viratnagar tehsil of Jaipur district in Rajasthan state not only planted 1,25000 trees but also made millions aware of this conflicting resolution …can you imagine that a person who left his house So that he can beat the world,
That person has decided that he will not wear new clothes and will remain barefoot till he does not take 100 million trees,to make the bare feet,that person has sold his car and other valuable goods…All countries in the world are pushing for the implementation of the Paris Convention to deal with global warming,but the person alone is engaged in planting trees since February 10, 2016,to deal with this problem,in the city of Jaipur,Viratnagar 30-year-old Rakesh Mishra,who lives in the town,has planted nearly 1 lakh 62 thousand trees till date.

Apart from this, Mishra is working to educate the poor children through their organization ‘Naya Sawera Sanstha’, making women self-reliant, Rakesh has been inspired by social service inspiration from his grandfather Shri Rameshwar Prasad Mishra. He himself There was a UDC clark as well as a social worker.
From his childhood, he used to give information about social problems and his reasons to Rakesh.That is why Rakesh’s attitude towards the social service has grown from his childhood.
After which, in the year 2002, he established an independent organization named Naya Sawera Sanstha.

He started his work with the Polio Free campaign. Under this campaign, he used to make people aware of polio through street plays, but the idea of ​​tree plantation was seen by women taking the wood from the mountains in the villages, and all the trees would be cut off after a year of destruction. When it came to mind, now that there is something that no one has done for the environment, then he felt that there is considerable change in the environment and its For the day the trees are less responsible for the day and people are not too aware. After that they decided that they will work alone and also people will be environmentally conscious. Similarly, By 2016, they started the campaign to plant trees and together they took four resolutions. According to Rakesh Mishra, the resolution taken….

By the time I do not have 100 million trees,I will not go to my house,
‘I will be barefoot,
I will eat once a day and
Will not wear new clothes’

He took this historic step just to make people aware of the environment and to take care of their responsibilities, Rakesh started the process of planting trees in the first phase, under his organization ‘Naya Sawera Sanstha’, from Viratnagar. Apart from Rajasthan, people of Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Assam, Orissa have also joined this campaign,
Till now, they have set up a total of 1.26 lakh trees. Rakesh Mishra has not only planned to plant only 1.2 million trees but also took care of the care of those trees and planted trees at such a place which is responsible for the maintenance of those trees. However, in his work now
The members of ‘Naya Sawera’ are also helping him, including Naya Sawera’s director and National Secretary Mandvi Mishra.
Rakesh Mishra said, “I have sold my personal items to make this work a struggle. It is my endeavor that I should do this work on my own, so that more and more people are aware of the environment.In addition to planting Rakesh Mishra has also started a campaign called ‘War for the Environment’. Under this campaign, he is organizing meetings to make people aware, along with She is also making people aware of the street plays, Rakesh has started a campaign against the mafias against the illegal mining happening in the mountains.That’s why he has also been killed twice a day. He explains that The hills are being cut due to mining in the mountains, which also cause trees to be cut. It has a bad effect on the environment.

Rakesh said that when he started this movement, people used to make fun of him, people called him mad, but slowly people understood his work and to some extent they also supported the people, but Mishra planted plantations Work continued in winter, summer and rain, the result started to emerge in 4 months that the heat of heat in the feet of Mishra got blown from walking on the roads, now the work is done in a tough struggle. Hey, Mishra has been misled by many well-known political parties by seducing them with treachery, giving false assurance that your resolution will be completed in 10 days, you will help but no one can help Mishra, but Mishra is one of his 100 million trees To make the mission of putting the mission on June 5, 2017 again, to improve the environment in the country, “Environmental Bachao Bharat Yatra” started an agitation campaign. In this movement, Mishra is taking the task of putting 100 million trees on its shoulders this time, Mishra takes the campaign to people and asks for help, but seeing Mishra’s unique determination is not the heart of the people. Stress, but some people have understood this resolution and they are mixed with Mishra in this resolute movement of Mishra.<

Mandvi Mishra (Director)

Director’s Desk

Dear Friends, Firstly I want to thank you most sincerely for your incredible generosity in supporting the work of the Naya Sawera Sanstha over the past Sixteen years.

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